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Macgregor 22 sailboat rudder

Macgregor 22 sailboat rudder

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Status Not open for further replies. Apr 3, 2 MacGregor V Trailered. My girl and I have been talking about learning how to sail and the other night she was looking over Craigslist and dreaming about boats. She then looked on the free section and saw a listing for a MacGregor with a trailer so we went and picked it up. The guy said it had been sitting in his field since I really seemed to be in bad shape from the looks and smell of the thing but she wanted it so we dragged it home.

I wish I had more before pictures but I didn't think to take many. Here's a couple to give you an idea. Wife said buy it so I did - and then I learned about it.

New To Sailing, Just picked up a 1974 MacGregor V2-22

There is not one damn thing that doesn't or didn't need attention. Some major things I had to fix or am fixing now soft decks is a biggie. But - shes ours and I'm going to fix her up - over the course of years. After the first year I cut the interior all up for a new layout. Going for functionality and ability to sail while under construction.

Pretty will come later. Much later. Our longest stay on this boat is about three weeks without a port.

macgregor 22 sailboat rudder

Whatever is wrong with yours you can fix or improve if you want - especially if you don't mind cutting the thing up and gluing it back together - I no longer fear it at all. Its only plastic!!!!The Foss Company can ship replacement sailboat rudders anywhere in the world from our headquarters in Newport Beach, California. Our company has manufactured high density, "closed cell" foam rudders for more than 35 years. Our first "Foss Foam" rudders were created for the famous Cal 40 yacht during the sixties, and most of those vessels--and rudders--are still in service today.

We now make rudders and dagger boards for most sailboats, all in a timely and cost-effective manner. By working with existing molds of a more modern design, we can also supply rudders for older boats that will improve their performance and handling--all for a very reasonable price. Our special manufacturing process assures that our rudders are strong, light and dependable, ready for a lifetime of sailing pleasure.

This partnership will assure that our long tradition of quality Foss Foam rudders and service will continue for years to come. We have also created rudders from many other sailboats around the world, including those from the following manufacturers:.

macgregor 22 sailboat rudder

For more information about our line of Foss Foam replacement rudders, please call or contact us at our office in Newport Beach, California. Call For a Free Estimate. Beneteau 54 Rudder. About Us. Manufacturing Process. Rudder Photos.

Owner's Review of the MacGregor 26 Sailboat Models

Contact Us.Push style brass hanks to attach to your headstay. Full hoist newer Venture, M style These sails feature a hydraulically pressed stainless steel ring for the clew, and reinforced nylon webbing for the head and tack to allow a strong but flexible connection to your furler. Engine Parts. Hull Hardware. Mainsail Handling. Sailing Performance Upgrades. These sails feature a hydraulically pressed stainless steel ring for the clew, and reinforced nylon webbing for the head and tack to allow a strong but flexible connection to your furler.

We have a few replacement keels available, call for details. This is the complete roller furling system for all MacGregor models. You will also need the deck hardware to lead the control line to the cockpit and a headstay compatible with the furler. We can provide you with both. Your headstay must have a standard turnbuckle at the bottom and a swaged threaded stud on the bottom end, not a loop.

The luff is not returnable. You also may be interested in the ball bearing upgrade for the furling drum. This is a replacement metal ball bearing. ALthough it's not a night and day" difference between the standard bearing and the ball bearing it is a nice upgrade and truly the only way to get maximum performance and ease of use out of the CDI flexible furler system.

Fits all boats from - except the 26X. Due to many variations from boat to boat and year to year, these rudders are shipped without the pivot bolt holes drilled.

This new high performance replacement rudder blade fits most 21, 22, 25, 26S, 26D with a 1. This rudder blade is a drop-in replacement for your boat's original blade, no modifications to your boat are necessary.

Constructed of HDPE hard plastic. This rudder blade helps reduce weather helm and tiller effort. The true NACA airfoil shape maximizes lift while reducing drag, making it faster off the wind, with more control.

The lift generated will help the boat point higher, and allow your boat to accelerate in puffs without rounding up. A lifetime guaranty is extended to the original boat owner. If this is shipping international it will probably not show the correct rate and we will have to contact you with the shipping amount after the order is placed.

Luff Constructed of fiberglass and laminated with vinylester resin, molded with an NACA airfoil shape and finished with white gel-coat. This rudder blade was designed to reduce weight compared to our HDPE rudder blade, while also helping reduce weather helm and tiller effort. Match up to your old rudder or bracket to drill. These rudders are fiberglass, made with an improved airfoil shape. Bow pulpit for all pre boats except M19, has tangs for mast attachment when trailering.

Shown on 26Classic. This item is very large to ship and will not ship with USPS, even if the check-out process may indicate that is an option.The obvious design compromises in a motorboat-sailboat hybrid have made many owners smile.

macgregor 22 sailboat rudder

Designer and builder Roger MacGregor ventured into the boatbuilding business in the early s after being assigned a college class project. With an undergraduate economics degree in hand, MacGregor was pursuing a master's degree at Stanford University when confronted with the challenge of creating a business.

He decided on a plan to build a small, affordable boat that could be easily transported. I was really only building sailboats as a hobby," said the year-old entrepreneur from Newport, California. The manufacturing facility remains in Costa Mesa, California, although it has sprawled into a 5-acre campus and churns out to boats annually, with a third sold overseas. The company is approaching production of its 40,th boat, which includes MacGregor 65s. Fifteen years ago, the MacGregor 26X went into production, marking a radical change with its water ballast system.

The company built 5, 26Xs. Seven years ago, the 26X was replaced by the 26M, with 3, built. The new 26M is better looking, lighter, faster, and an all-around better boat," MacGregor said. First impressions The first time I ever saw a MacGregor 26M it was planing, pushed by what appeared to be a powerful outboard engine. The MacGregor 26 is a hybrid appealing primarily to trailersailors strapped for time and concerned about the rising cost of slip and mooring fees.

At 26 feet it is simple to rig and sail, and just as easy to transport. Instead of chugging with the diesel at 4 knots, the MacGregor 26 speeds along at 22 mph. The boat was also able to explore quiet coves or nestle onto sandy beaches because its twin rudders and daggerboard that require only 12 inches water when retracted.

Armando Jaen of Miami bought his brand-new 26M last year. It's the versatility I like," he said. We were able to anchor just about anywhere. We were in two feet of water so the kids jumped off and snorkeled. All are hand-laid fiberglass matting or roving, which when cured results in solid laminates. The MacGregor 26M assembly line is akin to those used to build powerboats.

The hull is shaped by a mold. The gel coat is sprayed into the mold cavity, followed by application of the hull materials. Once the hull is removed from the mold, the deck is bolted on and adhesives are used to seal the seams. MacGregor believes pop rivets are not sufficient to bind hull to deck.There is some confusion about all of the different MacGregor 26 models and some controversy about their sailing abilities.

The MacGregor 26 evolved after the Venture 22 and the MacGregor 25, which had been built from to about The M25 had a weighted centerboard keel like other trailer able sailboats but featured positive flotation, a low price, easy trailer ability and a comfortable interior with an enclosed head porta-potty.

These features carried forward into M26 models and helped make MacGregor one of the bestselling sailboats. Many traditional sailors joke about MacGregors because of the light fiberglass construction the hull can "oilcan" flex in places if you push hard against it and its powerboat characteristics since Many say it is not a "real sailboat.

The water ballast tank is horizontal and only a foot or so beneath the surface, unlike a vertical ballasted keel or centerboard that extends much deeper. Some have even questioned how water, weighing the same as the water displaced by the boat, can be called ballast at all. The ballast tank has been well engineered, however, and does provide righting moment the same as a keel when the boat heels over, because the weight of water far out from the centerline on the "uphill" side in the air once heeled over does pull the boat back down the same as a weighted keel.

This does mean that the boat is more tender, or tippy, initially. A story has been told about a sailor on one edge of the deck who grabbed the mast when the boat heeled, and his own weight pulling on the mast that far above the waterline caused the boat to capsize all the way over. Whether true or not, the story illustrates a common perception of how tender the MacGregor is.

In normal conditions, however, careful sailors can safely sail the water-ballast M26 by following standard precautions:. The larger safety issue is that for many owners, the M26 is a "starter boat" and they may not have the experience or knowledge to avoid possible problems in time. The bottom line is that anyone who goes sailing needs to be fully aware of the limitations of their boat and practice all safety guidelines. Having owned and sailed a 26S extensively for three years, it indeed sails fairly well and lives up to its reputation of being a roomy and easily trailered pocket cruiser.

MacGregor boats for sale

This sailboat can meet most budgetary needs and has room enough for a family of three to cruise for up to a week at a time. It is a light boat, but with sailing experience and caution, trouble in winds to thirty knots can be easily avoided. The fiberglass is thin but you can avoid running into rocks. Thousands of MacGregor owners have had experiences where they thoroughly enjoyed sailing. Keep in mind that it's a light boat and always take the precautions listed above. For powerboat owners of the 26X and 26M, the boat should be as safe as any powerboat but do not hit a rock or another boat at 24 MPH.

Tom Lochhaas. Tom Lochhaas is an experienced sailor who has developed several boating safety books with the American Red Cross and the U. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Updated January 02, The MacGregor 26D daggerboardbuilt from about tointroduced water ballast to replace the weighted keel. When the water was drained for trailering, the boat weighed only lbs, making it even more attractive for towing with a regular automobile.

The daggerboard, like a keel, helps prevent the boat from being blown sideways but could be lifted up for shoal water and trailering. The MacGregor 26Storeplaced the daggerboard with a swing centerboard which kicks up in an accidental grounding and made other smaller changes. Owners of these earlier models tend to refer to them as "the real sailboats" prior to the changes coming with the MacGregor 26X. The MacGregor 26Xtomarked a major change from the earlier "classic" M26 models by allowing a relatively huge outboard engine that essentially turned the 26X into a powerboat with a mast.

Earlier models typically carried outboards as low as 5 or 6 HP max. For comparison, many thirty-six foot sailboats of this era, displacing more than five times the M's weight, had inboard engines of HP. The water ballast could be drained of power, allowing the M26X to come up on a plane like a speedboat.

The outboard well had to be moved to the centerline, with twin rudders to each side, and steering changed from tiller to a small powerboat-type steering wheel. The cabin height was increased for greater room inside and the boat is said to sail less well than the earlier Calculations Help.

It provides a reasonable comparison between yachts of similar type. It is based on the fact that the faster the motion the more upsetting it is to the average person. Consider, though, that the typical summertime coastal cruiser will rarely encounter the wind and seas that an ocean going yacht will meet.

Numbers below 20 indicate a lightweight racing boat; 20 to 30 indicates a coastal cruiser; 30 to 40 indicates a moderate bluewater cruising boat; 40 to 50 indicates a heavy bluewater boat; over 50 indicates an extremely heavy bluewater boat.

The CSF compares beam with displacement since excess beam contributes to capsize and heavy displacement reduces capsize vulnerability. The boat is better suited for ocean passages vs coastal cruising if the result of the calculation is 2. The lower the better. Under 2 - Slow, under powered.

22 Macgregor Sailboats Boats for sale

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Rigging, Launching & Sailing a 21 foot trailer Yacht single handed - Nelson NZ

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Jul 19, 49 Lancer 25 MK 4? So here is the Question at hand: does one control the vessel with the rudder, or with the direction of the outboard motor tiller?

macgregor 22 sailboat rudder

Which leads to the 2nd question: If it is with the Rudder Tiller of the vessel, then how does one keep the outboard stationary in a straight direction so one is in comfortable control? Just seeing what all is out there on this subject Dec 20, 1, Pearson Mary's Georgia. I always use the rudder going forward and the outboard going backwards with the rudder centered.

I just have to be careful going forward making a left turn as my rudder can get over to the prop.

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