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Rpg map tokens

Rpg map tokens

As mentioned in the Introduction to Mapping guide, a token is the MapTool jargon for a visual marker that is placed on a map within the MapTool software. The most intuitive use for tokens is to represent characters in the game - in other words, tokens take the place of miniatures on the virtual tabletop.

This guide assumes that you have read the Introduction to Mappingand that you know how to:. If you don't know how to do these things, please read the Introduction to Mapping guide - otherwise, the stuff below might not make much sense! Finally, this guide will be written predominantly from the point of view of the GM -- someone who has complete control over all token settings and campaign properties.

Players that is, individuals who join a game in the role of "Player" are restricted from changing many things in a particular campaign. Although most MapTool users use the term "token" to refer only to images representing characters and creatures on a map, in reality, the word "token" refers to any image item that is dropped onto a map in MapTool.

The way a particular token is handled is dependent on the Map Layer onto which it is placed.

rpg map tokens

These layers are explained below, because they are important in understanding how to work with tokens. You'll note that I didn't discuss the Hidden layer in the above paragraph.

That's because the Hidden Layer has a slightly different purpose. While the Token, Object, and Background layers have a fairly intuitive relationship in terms of how one might think of the world -- I'm a person or creaturethat item over there is an objectand surrounding us is the background -- the Hidden Layer is the things you cannot see.

In MapTool, anything placed on the Hidden Layer is visible only to the GM until he or she decides to move it to one of the other layers.

Generally, you'll want to put characters and objects on this layer - there aren't many reasons to put a background stamp on the hidden layer, although I'm sure you can think of a couple.

Zovya RPG Maps

Suffice it to say, when you place a token on a MapTool map, it pays to be aware of which layer you placed it on! Creating a token is as simple as dragging an image from the Resource Library onto the Token Layer of a map. But how do you create an image in the first place? There are several options. MapTool's user community has created a wealth of token images that are available for use.

Visit the RPTools Gallery to see the hundreds of token images already out there. Another option is to create your own images using TokenToola program built by the makers of MapTool to create token images quickly and easily.Skip navigation. Select a membership level. This is something that you may start with! Acces the constantly growing tokens and maps archive, everything at once and expect more to come in future!

A bit of love and appreciation. Everything from previous tier. Acces to PSD files of every creation on request. More love and appreciation. You can comission a token for your character and i'll do it personally for you.

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Making Universal D&D Monster Tokens for Thirty Cents

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rpg map tokens

First, the bad: There are some minor flaws so a few tiles have a minor shift mm at most that were distracting when I was lining stuff up. Also, they're a little slidey so it's a good idea to put a mat down to keep multiple tiles together. Now the good: These tiles make planning and playing smoother and easier. More than anything else it's great to be able to map out a whole dungeon level and just lay out tiles during exploration instead of having to draw in the map.

The extra tokens are also a plus when designing puzzles.Log In. New Account or Log In. Hide my password. Get the newsletter. Subscribe to get the free product of the week! One-click unsubscribe later if you don't enjoy the newsletter. Log In with Facebook. Log In I am new here. Remember me. Error: No match for email address or password. Password forgotten? Click here. Rule System. Apocalypse World Engine. BRP Basic Roleplaying. Savage Worlds. Product Type. Family Gaming. Virtual Tabletops.

STL 3D Model. Alligator Alley Entertainment. Brass Badger Workshop. Darkwoulfe's Digital. Devin Night.Jump to navigation. In my previous article on MapTool, I explained how to download, install, and configure your own private, open source virtual tabletop so you and your friends can play a role-playing game RPG together.

MapTool is a complex application with lots of features, and this article demonstrates how a game master GM can make the most of it. If you don't have MapTool installed already, or you want to update it, then you have two options for downloading: you can get the pure-Java package a JAR file or you can download the installer for your operating system a DEB package is available for Linux, but it's not just for Debian, believe it or not.

This means that, even if you have Java installed, you might not have JavaFX installed. Alternately, you can just download the DEB installer, whether or not you run Debian! After you've downloaded the DEB file, you can install it with dpkg on a Debian-based distribution, or you can extract it for use on some other distribution.

The top-level file in MapTool is a campaign. A campaign can contain all of the maps required by the game you're running. As your players progress through the campaign, everyone changes to the appropriate map and plays.

rpg map tokens

First, you need the digital equivalents of miniatures: tokens in MapTool terminology. Tokens are available from various sites, but the most prolific is immortalnights. If you're still just trying out virtual tabletops and aren't ready to invest in digital art yet, you can get a stunning collection of starter tokens from immortalnights.

You can add starter content to MapTool quickly and easily using its built-in resource importer. Go to the File menu and select Add Resource to Library. This lists all the free art packs available from the RPTools server, tokens and maps alike. Click to download and import. MapTool resources appear in the Library panel. The next step in preparing for your game is to gather maps.

Introduction to Tokens

Depending on what you're playing, that might mean you need to draw your maps, purchase a map pack, or just open a map bundled with a game module. If all you need is a generic dungeon, you can also download free maps from within MapTool's Add Resource to Library. If you have a set of maps you intend to use often, you can import them as resources. Set the Background to a texture that roughly matches your map or to a neutral color. Give your new map a unique Name.

The map name is visible to your players, so keep it free of spoilers.Please update to 1. MapTool Release 1. Many thanks to community members who committed bug fixes and enhancements.

The translation volunteers have also made great strides in making MapTool more accessible in other languages. We are up to 13 languages other than English.

See Change Log for more details. Version 1. Use Discord for support issues. Continue Reading. Release 1. Highlights Fixes for copyToken Fixes for json.

The four… Continue Reading.


MapTool 1. The MapTool elves have been busy this holiday season. The new macro functions frame5 and dialog5 can be used in place of the HTML3 frame and dialog macro functions. Helping with MapTool translations just got a whole lot easier. Also allows for automatic generation via the setTokenVBL macro function. Movement Blocking Layer — Now you can make those Force Fields that would block movement but not sight.

More enhancements to come. Pre-defined Campaign Property sets can now be selected and loaded in the Campaign Properties dialog. The annoying behavior where browsing for a drawing texture would cause the Resource Library to also change folders has been fixed!

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